24 Weeks

Wow, when people say the second pregnancy goes by much quicker than the first they are not kidding!  Funny to think at this point with Cooper we already had his room cleared out and the crib set-up.  Little Bro’s room is the messiest it has ever been.  We have at least made a list of all we need to do before his arrival 🙂

Little Bro is being very good to me, just like Cooper was.  Little to no nausea, moves a few times everyday to let me know he is still doing good in my belly and not reeking too much havoc on my body.  I find at night I am still waking up on my back more than I would like to (almost every morning), but the doctor says this will change when it needs to due to his weight. I have been craving and eating a ton of sugar, I just can’t get enough and it is starting to show on the scale.  20 pounds in 24 weeks…  Being pregnant in these wintery months I find I am doing less walking and exercise than would be ideal and need to change that.  My belly has reached the size where bending to get things off the ground from sitting is tough and putting Cooper in his crib or giving him a bath I can really feel the squeeze.

My belly size is measuring on track at 24cms for 24 weeks along.  We have also received our scheduled c-section date, February 28th 2014.  I will be 39 weeks on February 27th which was the date the doctor initially proposed, but I thought the 2/28/14 birth date would be cooler.  I am aware that this means I can’t complain about wanting to be done being pregnant on the 27th since I chose to delay his arrival by a day 🙂  I have been struggling with the idea that we choose his arrival date, versus him deciding and knowing it this far in advance.  Cooper was 5 days early and Little Bro is currently scheduled to arrive just 6 days early so we will see if he actually holds out until this date.

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