Lake Crescent for Labor Day Weekend

Daddy and Cooper on their first ferry ride together

Back in the winter we decided to map out our weekends to ensure we could check off some of our adventure “to do” list this summer.  We have always wanted to visit the peninsula so we booked a 3 night trip to Lake Crescent.  It worked out that our friends, the Sadlier family, were also looking for an adventure over Labor Day weekend and we are so happy they joined us.

Kochmans at Lake Crescent – Photo credit Amanda/George

After a nice ferry ride and some time exploring Port Angeles we finally finished up our drive to Lake Crescent.  The next morning we headed out for our first hike to Marymere Falls.  The mossy trees were absolutely beautiful to hike through.

Cooper and Daddy Hiking to Marymere Falls
Family Photo at the Falls

The water was a good temperature for some play time that afternoon.  We explored more of the lodge and had dinner there that evening.

Cooper and Madeleine Enjoying Exchanging Rocks in the Lake

The next day we did another short hike close to where we were staying and enjoyed more relaxing time with great company.

Cooper loved banging on these lights like a drum

Cooper with what could be his only payphone experience at the lodge

After the cloth dining experience the night before we opted for picnic style lunch and dinners most of the remaining trip.  It was such a treat.  We would order our food at the bar and they would deliver it to us on our blankets out front.  The kids loved watching everyone walk by and we all enjoyed the views and fresh air.

Picnic meals were so much fun

After a messy dinner the kiddos were brought directly into the tub for some fun bath time together.

Bath buddies with their dads

There is so much to do on the peninsula, but it also takes a fair amount of driving to get between sites.  We opted to knock one more off of our list and visit Hurricane Ridge for some hiking.

Rob on the ridge
Group photo at Hurricane Ridge – Photo credit Amanda/George


Kochman Love – One of my favorite pics from the trip – Photo credit Amanda/George

Cooper loved having a buddy to explore with.   Cooper and Madeleine would reach for each other and hold hands whenever they got close enough in the packs.

Cooper and Madeleine love – Photo credit Amanda/George

Both kiddos had only been walking for a month or so which made for some pretty entertaining roaming time.

Standing themselves back up at the Ridge – Photo credit Amanda/George

Probably the cutest thing the whole trip was when Cooper and Madeleine were giving each other repeated snuggles on the front porch of our cabin.


We took advantage of the early kiddo bed time and enjoyed some evening adult time watching the sunset, playing games and catching up.

Finding the perfect balance – Being responsible with the baby monitor next to the yummy beverages while watching the sunset

We learned there was a passport book for the national parks.  We missed out on getting a stamp when we visited Rainier, but Cooper’s book now has a stamp for Hurricane Ridge and Lake Crescent.

Stamping his passport at Lake Crescent

We ended our trip with breakfast at the Spruce Goose.  It might sound familiar as it was Cooper’s first flight destination at 3 weeks old and it is the perfect weekend breakfast flight location.  This was our first time driving there and it was the perfect ending to a great vacation weekend.  Thank you Sadlier family!

Breakfast at the Spruce Goose

Full set of Lake Crescent pictures are here.

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