String Lake Bear Adventure

Ready for some String Lake splish splash

We had a great time at String Lake this year.  We were able to splash around a little in the lake, enjoy a picnic and have a bear/cub visit

Nana, Pop-pop, Daddy and Cooper relaxing at String Lake

Cooper was obsessed with walking back and forth over these roots in the sand, good thing Daddy is so patient!

During most of our stay at the lake we were told there was a mama bear and her cub on the other side of the lake that could be over any time.  We had to keep our food in the bear box and keep our eyes out.  After waiting 30 minutes for rumored bears Kelly decided she and Cooper were getting too hungry and would eat anyway. Within 10 minutes of digging our food out of the bear box the bears were within 50 feet of us! They must love peanut butter and jelly.

Cooper and Mama lunch attempt before the bear visit
Ranger, Mama bear, and the back half of the cub

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