Jackson Hole 2013

Cooper settling in for the flight and loving the headset clip

In mid August we made our third consecutive year trip to Jackson, WY in our airplane.  Crazy how much has changed each year.  From being DINKS, to a baby, to this year traveling with a toddler and Uncle Charlie.

Uncle Charlie settling in for the flight to Jackson

Upon arrival, Cooper was quick to start exploring the different doors/escape options.  It was our first time having to look at the cabin with childproofing in mind and Cooper did fantastic staying out of trouble.

We had a great time exploring the many yummy restaurants, Saturday Market, local park and hanging out at the cabin with family.

In front of the town arch during the Saturday Market
Cooper loved Louie and Gracie

Seeing how happy Cooper was with the dogs makes us almost want to get one… almost.

Cooper loved Nana’s songs, especially the horse riding song

Here Cooper is signing “more” when Nana thought she would get a break from singing 🙂  Nana taught Cooper to click his tongue this trip and he loves to do it.

We enjoyed a lunch and some practice walking time at Dornan’s with this beautiful view
Cooper swinging at the park, finally a smile 🙂


Park walking

We saw a lot of wildlife during this trip including: moose, bear/cub, eagle, deer, marmots and many hummingbirds

Moose in the driveway

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