Not So Happy

Mad Cooper

After capturing mostly smile pictures of Cooper it seems only fair to show his not so happy side.  These tears happened while I ran downstairs to switch out the laundry.  In typical Cooper fashion, the tears faded as quickly as they started when I got back upstairs.

Fortunately, not connected to the sad face above today was Cooper’s last day having formula and drinking from a bottle. We have slowly been adding in more cows milk in sippy cups during the day and today marks the complete transition.  It went really smoothly and Cooper doesn’t seem to mind drinking from a cup instead of a bottle or having cows milk instead of formula or breast milk.

In case you or anyone you know ends up needing to give their baby formula, I cannot rave enough about this ingenious idea by Rob.  In the morning we would use a large water bottle to fill the water to a marked line and then use the scale to weigh out the formula needed.  This allowed us not to lose track of counting scoops or tapping them even and let us make and shake the day’s worth of bottles all at one time.

Scale used for bulk formula making

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