Cooper’s Big 1st Birthday Party

What a fantastic day!  The weather was perfect, the company was unbelievable, and it was all for one amazing birthday boy.

It was a 1st birthday party so we got the party started early, at 10am.  It was so much fun to have friends from all aspects of our life together at one time.  Cooper had a great time playing with friends, meeting new people and keeping everyone entertained.

Thank you to everyone for coming to celebrate with us!

Cooper was a bit overwhelmed with everyone looking at him during the cake and birthday singing, but once the attention subsided he really dove into it.

Cake and Singing
Cooper enjoying carrot cake with Nana and Grandma
Daddy even got a keg for my special day
We collected over 200lbs of food for a local charity from his very generous party guests.

All of the first birthday pictures are posted here.

Rob and I ended the day with a date night and biked to a Thai food restaurant for dinner.

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