Day 7: Swim Time

Cooper’s first time in a pool

Cooper loved his first time in a pool.  He quickly figured out that he could make even bigger splashes then in the bathtub.

Nana, Auntie Catherine, Cooper and Daddy hanging out at the pool

That evening we headed to the Ingalls’ lake house for a yummy barbecue.

Cooper loved playing with the Ingalls’ dogs

Cooper sharing his new rainmaker (thanks Auntie Nicole) with his 2nd cousins.

Anna, Catherine, Emily and Auntie Catherine

Cooper was then taught how to play Shut The Box.

Pop-pop, Cooper, Daddy, Uncle Charlie, Auntie Catherine and Great Aunt Zoe

Enjoying the delicious barbecue on the dock

Green beans on the dock with Daddy
Cooper, Mama, Uncle Charlie, Auntie Catherine, Great Aunt Zoe and Nana

Cooper was able to meet more of the Ingalls family he is named after (his middle name is Ingalls).

Cooper’s Nana, Jane with her brother, Charlie and sister, Zoe


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