Day 5: Time to Fly Again – Erie to Little Rock

The Boys – Cooper (11months), Wyatt (4) and Dylan (8)

We captured a picture of the boys before heading out for our next leg of the trip to Little Rock.

Rob packing everything up while Cooper supervises

We had beautiful weather and enjoyed the greenery from the farmlands on our way to West Woodward, Oklahoma.  The winds in Woodward were gusting to 30 knots, but fortunately it was right down the runway.

Just a little breezy in Oklahoma
We were greeted by some beautiful scenery between Oklahoma and Arkansas

The flight was so smooth that we gave Cooper some time out of his car seat and he loved being able to give Daddy some high-fives.

Daddy took the “fasten seat belt” sign off
All smiles when Cooper sees Daddy

Once we landed in Little Rock we were given a tour of downtown by the airport shuttle driver on our way to the hotel.  We were all desperate to stretch our legs and enjoyed a very nice walk along the riverfront, through the Clinton bird sanctuary and up to the Clinton Library.

Family time on the river front with the Clinton Library in the background

As it is probably apparent by now, I get determined to capture a picture once I get the idea in my head.  During our walk there were many super steep grassy peaks.  Cooper just had to get on top of one for a photo 🙂 It is so steep and pointed that I am holding him from behind and completely out of sight.

Grassy peak

We ended our evening of walking around with a pizza dinner at Irene’s.  We loved these pouch meals for Cooper on travel days, they are very simple and nearly mess free since he can drink from them like a straw.

Crazy to reflect back and think of all that we did this day in just over 12 hours!

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