Contact Paper


Cooper and Madeleine

Are you one of those people who “pins” things that sound really cool on Pinterest, but the step of actually doing it never seems to be completed?  One of our amazing PEPS friends Amanda invited us over to actually do one of the suggested infant activities.  Cooper and Madeleine loved playing with the sticky contact paper and sticking different objects to it.

It was also a test for me as one of the objects was a cotton pad.  For those that don’t know I have a bizarre aversion to cotton balls, especially the sensation and noise of pulling one apart (Yes, Cooper, when you read this years down the road your mom is scared of cotton balls, but don’t worry I am sure it is not genetic).  It sends shivers down my spine and gives me goosebumps, but I did it because Cooper deserves only the fullest contact paper experience 🙂

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