Cousins Arrive!

Stella, Fiona, Cooper and Daphne

How exciting to have Cooper’s cousins come to visit us while we were at Nene’s house.  In the morning we enjoyed some time in her backyard and the girls watered her plants.  After that we packed up and headed out to all of the kiddos first baseball game.  It was a spring training game between the Indians and Reds at Goodyear Ballpark.   The full sun exposed seats, 90 degree heat, and no breeze, means we lasted an hour.

Full crew in the AZ sunshine at the spring training baseball game

We followed up the hot game with some fun family pool time.  Cooper wasn’t allowed in the pool (2+ yrs old only), but he did get to dip his toes in the water for a brief minute.  Everyone took turns being out of the water with Cooper and playing in the pool with the triplets.

When we arrived to Arizona, Nene was set that she was going to teach Cooper to high-five.  I didn’t think it was possible, but she did it with great success and it remains one of his favorite things to do.  We have even had success giving Nene high fives over Skype when we returned.

Auntie Kari, Fiona and Cooper
Sister time with Cooper

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