Last Day of Daycare


Last Day: Cooper and Dad at Kindercare

Rob and I took advantage of Cooper’s last day in daycare and celebrated my first day or retirement with a date day.  We spent the day looking at shops in Old Bellevue and downtown Kirkland.  We ended our date with a 2 hour nap (we are still recovering from colds) before going to pick up Cooper; it was a perfect day.  We are very happy with Cooper’s daycare and the exposure it brought to older kids and his wonderful teachers, Ms. Gehan and Ms. Nancy.

Cooper was usually the first infant to arrive in the morning and loved the special 1 on 1 attention.

Cooper’s clipboard at daycare

I loved learning what new things they did with Cooper each day at school, here are a few of his projects:

Hand Print Wreath
Finger Painting


Puppet Time

All of his daycare pictures are posted here.

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