6 Months!

Cooper at 6 Months

Cooper 6 month stats:

Height – 28.86 in. (98%)

Weight – 19.34 lbs. (78%)

Head Circumference – 18.78 in. (100% – We didn’t know you could actually hit 100% for any of these stats :))

Full belly Cooper ready for the weigh in


  • Development: Cooper is rolling over from back to front.  He enjoys sticking his tongue out.
  • Physical: His hair appears to be darkening and getting longer (especially the ~10 hairs that are 3x as long as all the others), his eyes are turning a darker grey/blue color and he still shows two dimples with big smiles.
  • Bedtime routine: Start around 7:30pm with an 8oz bottle, change diaper, read a book, put into sleep sack, head kisses good night and a song. Binkies have primarily been used for nap time and he doesn’t seem to suck on his hands or need a binkie at night.
  • Eating: Cooper is eating 9 ounces every 3 hours. We are feeding him 1/2 formula and 1/2 breastmilk. On the weekends I typically breastfeed him in the morning when my supply is fullest and can meet his 8oz demand.  Cooper is now doing a hysterical thing where after eating he grabs a hold of your neck and starts sucking on our jaw line
  • Sleeping: Cooper is still an awesome sleeper and goes down around 7:30pm and we wake him up at 6 during the week and sometimes he sleeps until 7 on the weekends.
  • Crying: He really only cries when he is hungry or sleepy. Being in daycare now he seems to be adjusting nicely to being put in a crib for his naps and typically takes 2-3 a day.
  • 6 Month Firsts: Giggling, meeting Santa, and rolling over

All of his 6 month pictures are posted here

Cooper and his new book


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