New Day Care

Today Cooper started at his new daycare which is closer to my work and the one that Rob and I picked out back in March.  The slot finally opened up and it was time to start our new routine.  We loved Ms. Dulce who is the cook and was so sweet to Cooper from 7-9am each morning until the main infant room teacher arrived.

After two weeks in this new daycare, the “grandma” type environment, that I thought I would love, I no longer found to be the best for Cooper.  Each time I went to pick Cooper up they had him laying on a pillow and didn’t share any stories on how they engaged with him when I asked each afternoon.  He is a super chill baby and they always said he was such a good baby, but I realize I want him to be in a place where they encourage him to develop and try new things.  We went back to the original daycare with Ms. Nancy and Ms. Gehan on 11/19 and we are both much happier 🙂


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