Double Trouble


Cooper Bath

Today we had the privilege to watch 1.5 yr old Ben at the Miller house.  Adrienne had a doctor’s appointment and Brad had a meeting so Cooper and I headed up to their house in case he woke up early.  Of course Ben woke up early because who wouldn’t if you had the cool Kelly and Cooper in your house 😉  It was an adventure nursing Cooper down the hall as Ben was crying to get out.  Fortunately Cooper continued to be his amazing chill self and let me put him down while I got Ben up and changed.  We continued nursing while Ben ate his breakfast and I gained huge respect for people who have multiple kids, especially close in age. 

Rob and I realized we don’t have many bath pictures of Cooper and captured this shot this evening.  The best part of bath time now is how fluffy Cooper’s hair gets. 

Fluffy Haired Cooper

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