Not so Cuddly


Erin and Cooper

You know you have a good friend when she keeps smiling after being put to the test by one Mr. Cuddly.   Today is Columbus day, an odd day when even the kids are in school, but bankers have the day off.   With our wide open schedule we took advantage of Erin’s free day and she came over to visit.  I had just finished feeding Cooper and handed him to Erin.  She asked if he needed to burp more and I said he should be good–boy was I wrong.  He proceeded to throw-up all over Erin’s sweatshirt, on the inside and out–gross!  After she got cleaned up, I gave him back to her, and he decided it was the ideal time to fill his diaper with one very large poop.  Like I said, Erin is a very good friend.  She just laughed it all off, but I am still extremely embarrassed!

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