In just 15 minutes

Close Up

Good thing Cooper is cute!  During the morning feeding Cooper spit up all over me when I was burping him.  This seems to be happening more frequently lately and I am not sure why.  Needless to say, after this milk bath I needed to take a shower and get some new clothes.  Once I got cleaned up, it was time for another Cooper feeding.

After this next feeding the excitement continued.  I put him down on his activity mat while I pumped.  Ten minutes later I noticed the leg of his jammies is soaking wet and there is a puddle on the carpet.  Yikes, I quickly get him up and change his diaper, but during the diaper change Cooper peed again all over the change pad and jammies.  How can one baby pee this much?  With the new outfit on I put him in the crib for 5 minutes while I cleaned the carpet and prepared the playmat and changing pad cover for the wash, then it happens.  He pooped out the back of his diaper and all over this new outfit too.  As I was changing him he also got poop on the second changing pad cover.  This felt like one of the longest 15 minutes so far of parenthood and it took me the rest of the day to recover from it 🙂

During one of his later pre-nap screaming sessions I switched from holding him in my arms to upright, where he fell asleep instantly.

Mom with a very sleepy Cooper

Then we ended the day with a few loads of laundry from the morning adventures

Not more laundry

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