2 Months!

Cooper at 2 months

Cooper Stats:  He is maintaining his top percentiles

  • Height – 26in.
  • Weight – 13.89lbs.
  • Head circumference – 16.5in.

His breathing is still fast, but everything else looks good and it has been so consistent that we now have approval to fly and stay in Jackson Hole as well as our planned trip to AZ a few weeks after that. That means we leave bright and early Wednesday morning for Jackson, which leaves me one day to figure out what to pack. I already anticipate Rob’s eye roll when he gets home and sees the pile of things I want to bring in our plane since I got the same eye roll on our pre-kid trip there 🙂

The doctor wants us to have a physical therapy consultation to look at his neck strength and have them show us what exercises we can do with him. When you have a noggin of his size we were not surprised to hear it might take a little extra work to get his neck muscles developed to support it.

Next doctor appointment is at 4 months.

For tummy time, Cooper prefers to suck on the blanket under him vs. pushing up and moving his head from side to side.  His neck strength is improving, but in the car he still gets a super floppy neck when he is very sleepy.  He also now locks his legs to “stand up” in various places.

Floppy neck when Cooper is so sleepy in the car

Other updates:

  • Smiling: Happens a lot now and he LOVES to smile at his dad.  It is so much fun to get him out of his crib or change his diaper when you get so many smiles
  • Eating: He eats every ~3 hours and can stretch to 5 hours during the day if he is being held.  He enjoys a pacifier and will very happily eat from the breast and take breastmilk or formula from a bottle.  He cluster feeds at night eating an additional ~2oz at the 6pm and ~6oz at the 9pm feeding after 20 minutes at the breast.  I am pumping 3 times a day now: morning, afternoon and evening.
  • Pooping: Cooper is still very regular and poops at least every other diaper.  Rob seems to draw the pee diapers so I need to work on my changing strategy. 🙂  We have had a number of blowouts this month.  When he is balled up in my arms or in the bjorn it just seems to shoot up his back nearly every time.
  • Sleeping: We  have been very lucky and have a fantastic sleeper (knock on wood).  He will go down 8-10pm and sleep until 6am.  He doesn’t really nap during the day more than 20 minutes or so at a time unless he is being held, in which case he could sleep for hours.
  • Crying: Cooper is a very laid back kid. He typically cries between sides during breast feeding and when we are trying to get burps out or after he has pooped in his diaper.
  • Nicknames: Rob’s favorite is Mr. Cuddles and my favorite is Love Bug.

We have also started attending a PEPS group.  Our group is 9 babies that were born within 6 weeks of each other.  Cooper is right in the middle of the group by age, as shown in this picture (from left, arranged youngest to oldest, Cooper in orange).

PEPS baby group week #2: Madeleine, Luca, Jack, Remy, Cooper, Austin, Hannah and Nolan

Full set of pictures from Cooper’s second month are here

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