Cooper’s Crib


Cooper’s first night in the crib

This past weekend we moved Cooper into his own room and into the crib.  He continues to sleep like a champ, 6-10 hours at night.  We are also sleeping better now that we don’t hear every grunt he makes.   Having a fancy monitor that tells us if he stops breathing makes me feel much more comfortable having him on the other side of the house, but I did cry the first night we put him down in there. 

The other fancy thing we have for his room (given to us by the very generous Robertson family) is a camera that can be moved remotely and shows a great image of the crib even in the night.  The live video works with the iphone or computer, but not my windows phone, so I have to refresh the screen to see if he is moving or sleeping 🙂

We have been very impressed with how much he moves in the crib, even in a swaddle.  After some experiments we have determined he consistently moves counter clockwise and seems to stop once he hits 90 degrees from where he started.  Not sure how this will work when he gets longer than the width of the crib.  There is added pressure now to make sure we put him in the exact center of the crib so he doesn’t hit his head or feet with the nightly 90 degree rotation.

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