1 Month Old!

Cooper at 1 Month Old

Wow, Cooper is already 1 month old.  The time has flown by and we fall in love with him more and more everyday!  One month milestones and details.

  • Tummy time: he can turn his head from one side to the other, when he wants to
  • Neck strength: is starting and he can lock his legs to “stand up”
  • Smiling: is becoming more frequent, but it still doesn’t appear to be tied to anything that we do
  • Eyes:  Cooper has some amazingly big eyes that usually come out at bed time.  We love his bright eyed and bushy tailed look
  • Eating: ~40 ounces a day and gaining ~1.75 ounces, both appear to be about double other babies his age.  He eats every ~3 hours and can stretch to 5 hours during the day if he is being held or in his carseat, but wants to eat right away as soon as he is handed off or taken out of his seat.  He enjoys a pacifier and will very happily eat from the breast and take breastmilk or formula from a bottle.
  • Pooping: It is amazing how one little guy can produce so much poop, nearly every diaper. It is a mustard yellow color and looks like it contains seasame seeds
  • Sleeping:  he is starting to have a 5-7 hour stretch starting 7-9pm and it looks like the 2 hour of wide awake time at 2am is passing so he follows the long stretch with the typical three hour window
  • Crying:  Cooper is a very laid back kid.  He typically cries as he passes gas before a feeding and when he is hungry.  He is fantastic in the car, airplane and on walks.
  • Nicknames: Rob’s favorite is Mr. Cuddles or Cuddly and my favorite is Love Bug
  • Full set of first month pictures here.
Tummy time with a dimple
So Big

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