36 Weeks: Big Belly

We had a great time taking maternity pictures at the arboretum, followed by a yummy breakfast and a nice walk exploring more of the arboretum.  We should get to see the photos in the next 2-3 weeks.

***6/16 Update: Maternity pictures are now posted here: http://kochman.smugmug.com/Other/Maternity-Pictures/***

BK update:  At our weekly appointment all of the tests came back normal and the doctor now wants to do an ultrasound at our next appointment.  I was measuring 38cm at 36 weeks which is the largest to date (usually my number of centimeters is 0-1 above the number of weeks).  We are excited to be able to check in on BK again and to help identify the body parts we have been feeling pushing out for so many weeks now.  Our guess is that his bottom is on my left side and feet on my right.  We also got an “end date;” if BK doesn’t come before then, I will be induced on June 22nd.

Rob and I have been busy putting the finishing touches on BK’s room.  On the left we have a swing, crib, and twin bed.  On the right we have a bookshelf and dresser with changing set-up on top.

BK's Room

We also installed the carseat, and I have already adjusted to putting my work bag in the truck vs. the backseat now–one of many more adjustments that will be coming once this guy arrives!

Carseat Installed

We thought it would be fun to capture the nicknames we have used before his arrival.  Little Guy, Big Guy, BK (Baby Kochman), BBK (Baby Boy Kochman), Home Slice, Home Skillet, Trey, and Stewie (figuring he probably has a big head).

Yes, we are still working on names for after his arrival too.

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