28 Weeks: Baby 101

This week Rob and I took our first baby class, Baby 101 at Evergreen Hospital.  It covered everything from what a newborn could look like, to bathing, feeding, diapers and carrier options. 

I also had my 4th doctor appointment which included the dreaded glucose test.  I am happy to report that I passed the glucose test and don’t have gestational diabetes.  My belly is measuring on track at 29cms which is very close to the average of a cm a week (28).  My iron levels were slightly low so I am now on an iron supplement.

BK is still very active and has a strong heartbeat.  The “firsts” for this week were feeling him have hiccups and actually being able to feel both sides of a limb as he was pressing out against my stomach.  According to the baby websites he is almost 2.5 pounds and ~15″ long from head to heel.  The doctor said at the next appointment, in late April, BK will be big enough that she will be able to feel which end is his head vs. bottom.  We are excited to figure out what are arm vs. leg movements that we are feeling.

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