21 Weeks – Making Room

This week I have been feeling the little guy move a ton. He definitely lets me know when I am sitting down after moving around for a while since he seems to wake up at those times. Resting and orange juice really gets him moving; he loves a morning shot of orange juice.

Rob and I made not one but two trips to Babies R Us (aka hell on earth due to the bizarre layout and overwhelming feeling I get as soon as I walk through the doors), to see what baby things are out there. We have received a number of hand me downs from our very generous friends and family and were so thankful to realize we now actually have a number of the items we were looking at in the store. He is one lucky little guy to have such fantastic people in his life!

This weekend we made the first step in preparing our house for the baby’s arrival. We switched out our guest rooms so the queen bed is now in the room next to ours and the future baby’s room will be the original purple guest room on the other side of the house. Many people have told us that if we have the space and layout we might get a few more moments of rest at night if we didn’t share a wall with the little guy.

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