15 weeks – Start Spreading the News

What a fun Christmas it was! We used the holiday as the perfect opportunity to share with our families the exciting news of our future new addition. Kelly’s Mom and Sister received Prego spaghetti sauce jars customized for the occassion and for her dad we made a special card. For Rob’s family, we sent them each a bib with their future title (grandma, uncle, etc). We later skyped with them and they were all wearing their bibs, very excited for the news.

Kari and Brant hooked us up with 2 suitcases full of baby things on our return trip home from AZ! BK will be one spoiled kiddo with so many things that their favorite cousins used as babies. We’ve realized that regardless of BKs gender, it will end up in make-up and dresses at some point,  having triplet girl cousins three years older.  The kiddo just doesn’t have a chance to avoid it 🙂

Special Sauce
Sharing the news with family. The Kochmans are wearing their bibs.
Toasting the new one