Our New Home 2006

Yesterday we enjoyed hosting our friends at our housewarming party. It was wonderful to see everyone and the first time all of our friends were together. For our friends and family that were not able to make it we made sure to capture pictures of our new house while our place was still clean 🙂

To show you where we have come from there are before, during and after pictures. The family that lived here before had great taste (pictures) and once we sell the duplicate items we have I look forward to copying some of their decorating ideas.

Before moving in we installed laminate flooring on the other half of the downstairs and had carpet installed upstairs. Rob had the magic touch to insert the boards, Al was expert trim remover, dad the professional jigsaw cutter, and my job was to measure and cut the boards. The “during” pictures include the floor installation and our move day.

Finally after 2.5 months we felt ready to host a housewarming party. There are still a few boxes of decorations hidden in a closet that we need to sort through, but other than that we are unpacked. What a great feeling, here are the pictures. We have only made a few purchases a computer monitor, lawn mower and a few other small items. Rob mowed his first lawn a few weeks after we moved in, it was fun to see him so excited. I really appreciate the plants that have made our home feel so much cozier. Thank you Nicole for the lipstick plant in the family room, my mom for the orchid that so perfectly matches the pictures and Kari/Brant for the beautiful arrangement!