Mounting the remote compass

Did this a while ago, but just getting around to documenting it. All the sensors for the flight instruments are in the same box as the display (on the instrument panel), with the exception of the remote compass, the little box that tells you which direction the airplane is pointed. This one is separate because it needs to be installed away from any ferrous metal and electrical currents, including the mounting hardware (so you need to use brass or aluminum screws/washers/nuts). I mounted it in the tailcone, by the bulkhead aft of the baggage wall, on this little “shelf” I designed and built myself out of aluminum sheet and angle. As you can see, it’s far from everything here. Later on there will be seatbelt anchor cables running near here, but that should be acceptable. Note also that the box is tilted slightly–its tilt needs to match that of the instrument panel, which is tilted about 8 degrees so the panel is pointed slightly “up.” Anyone see anything wrong with the picture above? Answer: the compass is tilted the wrong direction. Oops–will need to fix that.