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27 Weeks: Third Trimester

We can’t believe it–the third trimester is already here! I am still feeling great, but do find I am less agile. This was very apparent when finishing up the panels on the airplane from the annual inspection this weekend. The screws I have put in 5 times before were out of reach this time around. Rob was a super trooper and took on the extra work, as usual. I have also become the heavy weight of the house passing Rob up on the scale. I knew the day would happen and it would happen fairly early in the pregnancy so I am happy to make it 2/3rds of the way before the day came. Apparenetly a few months ago one of the feet on the toliet seat broke off, but I never noticed until Rob was out of town. I thought my weight had broken the seat, which was very humbling. Let’s just say I felt much better hearing it had been like that for months, but we also installed a new one this weekend.