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Gluing the Windscreen

Now it’s time to glue the windsceen.  It’s attached to the fiberglass top and sides with the same glue, Weld-on 10, that we used on the other windows.  On the front, it’s essentially fiberglassed to the aluminum on top of the fuselage as part of the windscreen fairing (the next big step).

Here I am checking the glued joint.  Note the 2×4 and weights on top to hold the windscreen down on the cabin top securely.

We used some strategically placed clamps to hold the winscreen to the cabin top in a few places.  Using too much pressure can cause “crazing” (tiny cracks), so the clamps are actually holding popsicle sticks to the cabin top, and we wedged another popsicle stick between the clamped one and the windscreen to apply a little pressure.

Here are a few rare pictures of both Kelly and me, courtesy of Kelly’s long arm.

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