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November, 2014:

Kochman Airplane

In many homes, a ride on your parents’ knees is known as an “airplane ride.”  In our house it is called the “dump truck” and Cooper gets to be the garbage can, much to his delight.

On the advice of a PEPS friend we have started to introduce Nicholas to a sippy cup.  We are hoping this will help bridge the feeding gap that we currently have when not using a bottle.  Nicholas is still exploring and figuring out exactly how to use it.

Cooper continues to enjoy “helping” with dinner from his Learning Tower.

The Coolest Friends

Cooper’s friends have the coolest toys!  This year we celebrated Halloween a week later with our PEPS friends.  Which is how you get an adorable chicken and Mickey (Jack) playing the drums picture at Austin’s house.

Elliot, Madeleine, Cooper, Nicholas and Austin

This year not all of the kids were up for putting their costumes on again.  There may have been some serious bribing and even then we only had a few takers.


Belated Pumpkin Carving

A little late, but Daddy loves pumpkin seeds and Cooper and Nicholas are always up for a little sensory play.  This year Cooper and Nicholas opted to let Daddy do the digging and dirty work while he chatted with him.

Our sweet boy with his angelic face and crazy hair.

Cooper loves to play catch with Daddy, especially when he is perched up on the couch.

Big Boy Seat

Today we had brunch with some dear friends, the Mashruwala family, to celebrate the little sister who will be  joining them in February.  Nicholas marked this occasion by getting to sit in a highchair for the first time at a restaurant.  His reach is still very impressive as well as his grabbing skills helping us to make sure there was nothing on his end of the table.