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November, 2013:

Stinky Eyed Water Boy

Cooper loves to play with the water and ice levers on the refrigerator.  He is great at “helping” Daddy fill his glass.   He is still learning the consequences (soaking wet arm) if he hits the water lever before we get a chance to lock it again.

Cooper loves to give Daddy “stinky eyes” when he requests, captured perfectly here.

Later this day we gave Cooper his first go at drinking water from a real cup.  As you can see from the picture he is wearing much more than entered his mouth.  It was a milestone noted to happen around this age so it looks like we have more practice and wet outfits ahead in our future.


We are very fortunate that Cooper still loves to eat nearly everything.  Pizza crust is a bonus item that he doesn’t get very often, especially from his mama’s lap.

Sometimes Cooper doesn’t get all of the attention he wants, especially when cleaning up after a meal.  This can cause a very adorable sad face to appear.  Which is even cuter when you can’t hear the cries that come along with it.

24 Weeks

Wow, when people say the second pregnancy goes by much quicker than the first they are not kidding!  Funny to think at this point with Cooper we already had his room cleared out and the crib set-up.  Little Bro’s room is the messiest it has ever been.  We have at least made a list of all we need to do before his arrival 🙂

Little Bro is being very good to me, just like Cooper was.  Little to no nausea, moves a few times everyday to let me know he is still doing good in my belly and not reeking too much havoc on my body.  I find at night I am still waking up on my back more than I would like to (almost every morning), but the doctor says this will change when it needs to due to his weight. I have been craving and eating a ton of sugar, I just can’t get enough and it is starting to show on the scale.  20 pounds in 24 weeks…  Being pregnant in these wintery months I find I am doing less walking and exercise than would be ideal and need to change that.  My belly has reached the size where bending to get things off the ground from sitting is tough and putting Cooper in his crib or giving him a bath I can really feel the squeeze.

My belly size is measuring on track at 24cms for 24 weeks along.  We have also received our scheduled c-section date, February 28th 2014.  I will be 39 weeks on February 27th which was the date the doctor initially proposed, but I thought the 2/28/14 birth date would be cooler.  I am aware that this means I can’t complain about wanting to be done being pregnant on the 27th since I chose to delay his arrival by a day 🙂  I have been struggling with the idea that we choose his arrival date, versus him deciding and knowing it this far in advance.  Cooper was 5 days early and Little Bro is currently scheduled to arrive just 6 days early so we will see if he actually holds out until this date.

Target Shopping Cart Success

Just when it was looking like our shopping days were over, we had a successful cart experience at Target.  I have learned the key is to keep those hands busy and the more an item shakes or makes noise the better.  Double bonus if it is actually on our shopping list.  Today’s oatmeal distraction was a winner all around.

A Not So Routine Walk

A routine walk to meet Daddy at the bus stop lead to Cooper’s first major injury.  He tripped when walking on the sidewalk and hit his face on the pavement.  He cried a pain cry, but stopped by the time I made it back to the house just a couple of minutes later.  We didn’t even notice the crack in his tooth until the next night and the following morning the cracked portion was sticking out like in the picture.  This lead to our first call to a pediatric dentist who told us to go to Children’s Hospital.  After consulting with my ER Children’s nurse friend Jenni, we opted for urgent care instead of the ER.  Thanks again for all of your help, Jenni!

Scale fun at urgent care – He weighed 31.7lbs with clothes and shoes on!

This tooth chip ended up coming out between the time the nurse and doctor saw us so we were glad to have someone look at the final stage of the tooth break.  We have since been to three referral appointments and are still deciding what to do.  There is a chance it can successfully be capped now and need to be capped again at age 4.  This would be determined after a thorough examination under general anesthesia when it could also be found to be too damaged and get pulled instead.  It could get infected and need to be pulled right away.  Or it could be fine left alone and he would just have a chipped tooth until it falls out naturally at age 7.   So many differing opinions and so much to consider.  We realize in the scale of things whether he has a front tooth until 7 or not is pretty minor considering what some parents have to see their kids go through. Fortunately he continues to appear to be pain free from the chip so we will make our decisions after some more research and the holidays have passed.

Ally the Alligator

Helping Ally back into his crib

Cooper is now taking naps with his first stuffed animal, Ally the alligator.  Today Daddy taught him how to toss Ally into his crib from the ground.  He usually gets tossed out during nap time so this is an exciting first.

17 Months

Clothes – Moved to 24month and 2T tops, pajamas and one piece outfits.  Still in 18-24 months for pants.  Shoes are a size 5.

Words – Touchdown with the arms (sometimes), fan (when pointing to the one above our kitchen table), dirty (in reference to his dirty diaper after being changed), cheese, fish, socks, shoes, Mama and Nene.

Development – First swim lesson.  Making baskets with his basketball hoop.  He enjoys throwing and is pretty good about just throwing balls instead of all his toys.  He loves to put on our shoes and try to walk around the house.  His very favorite thing to do this month is walk up behind Daddy and say “rum, bum, bum” which is when Daddy picks him up and gives him piggy back rides.

Helping Daddy find his shoes before work

Cooper holding on for “Rum, bum, bum” fun with Daddy

Routine and Eating – Cooper has been waking up a little later this month, closer to 7:15 which has been a special treat!  Bedtime is still at 7pm and he has been taking a 2 hour nap around 1 in the afternoon.  He still loves to eat almost anything and is willing to try new foods.



Mama and Nene

Cooper and Nene Coloring

A magical thing happened during Nene’s visit.  Cooper said Mama for the first time!  He quickly followed Mama by saying Nene within a day too.  It made it very fun while we were shopping at Hobby Lobby to hear him say one of our names when he saw us down an aisle.  So happy this milestone has now been reached!

Nene is very good at making sure we get projects done during her visits.  This year the big task was to tackle matching Christmas pajama bottoms for Daddy, Mama and Cooper.  Happy to report it was a success and we are now ready for this year’s Christmas.  We did have a small hiccup when the power went out for 24 hours (no sewing machine).   However, thanks to super Daddy, Nene and I got out for a cookie making class while he kept Cooper entertained in the dark.

Final fitting of Cooper’s new Christmas pants

Nene loves to introduce Cooper to toys that make lots of noise and silly dancing.  She did not disappoint this trip.  We have been enjoying the new dance moves Cooper uses for his Casper Baby Pants CD even after she has left.

First Swim Lesson

Kick, kick, kick

Cooper and Daddy are enjoying their first swim lesson together at the local YMCA.  They are in a 30 minute parent/toddler class every Saturday morning and both are loving it.  Cooper is picking up on the paddling, kicking and even blowing bubbles.  Apparently he is not a fan of walking on the mat that they float on the water.  He has already been able to apply the skills he learned to climb out of the pool at home.  He can now climb onto our chairs and couches on his own.

Second Haircut


New Do Picture

Good thing Nene came with us.  Cooper was still very overwhelmed (lots of tears) by the whole haircut process and held onto Nene while sitting on Mama’s lap.  A cheese stick, apples and water couldn’t convince him that getting his hair cut was a good idea.  Once he was out of the salon and cruising the walkway he was much happier again.