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October, 2015:

Preschool Field Trip

We joined Cooper on his first preschool field trip to a local pumpkin patch today. It was a special treat to get to do this midweek activity with Daddy too. Nothing to see here… the ground was really uneven and muddy. Nicholas took a couple of spills in his boots, but took it all in stride. After meeting the farm’s animals we got to dig in dirt for worms Next we picked out the perfect pumpkin for each boy from their pumpkin patch Cooper and his Totem Preschool buddies. Cooper is on the far right in gray. The fun didn’t stop when we followed the pumpkin patch with a picnic lunch at Grasslawn park Their faces tell you just how much fun throwing fall leaves in the air is for our family while we were at Grasslawn      

103 degrees

This is what a kid with a 103 degree fever looks like. I could tell he didn’t feel good when he became so relaxed in the swing he nearly fell asleep. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I took his temperature after nap. Poor little guy.

Toddler Group Halloween Party

I almost cried I was so happy. Both boys willingly put their costumes on for this Halloween party. I had the odds close to 5% to have them both in a costume on Halloween, I never dreamed it would happen even before the official day. Cooper and Nicholas were a part of an amazing Woodinville Toddler Group these past two years. One of their friends hosted a reunion party getting these big preschoolers back together for another play date. Cooper even got to dress up in his buddy, Asher’s, homemade Thomas costume.