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December, 2012:

Side or Belly

Side Sleeping Cooper

Cooper fell asleep during his nap on his side today for the first time. This evening he rolled over and slept a lot of the night on his belly for the first time. It will be fun to see if he is a side sleeper like his dad or a belly sleeper like his mom. We can now tell how tired Cooper is, if he is super tired he sleeps on his back otherwise he wiggles around until he ends up on his side or belly and then passes out.

Big Boy Chair

Cooper and Dad

After a couple of days of feeding Cooper in the Bumbo we decided it was time to get out the high chair. Dad makes eating so much fun with lots of sound effects and smiles. I love this profile picture of both of them, it shows their heads are a very similar shape.

Christmas Light Baby Pictures

On Pinterest there is a link to a blog of very creative holiday photos. I loved the Christmas light picture taken with a baby who can sit up. Given that Cooper is little only once I really wanted to try this even though it was after Christmas. I am so happy with the way the pictures turned out. Rob did a fantastic job taking these pictures, he exceeded all expectations I had of what we could acutally do ourselves.