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One Week Wedding Anniversary

What do you do for your one week wedding anniversary? Well if you just married a man who wants to build an airplane you drive down to Oregon to pick up airplane parts of course! 🙂 The adventure to Bend, Oregon ended up taking a full day to get down there and another one to get back, but we made the most of it. We enjoyed the beautiful drive over the Mt. Hood pass.

Chuck is the guy who we purchased the tail kit and a ton of tools from. Who would have thought we could fill a 16′ rental truck? After loading all of the goodies into the truck we were back on the road heading home. Rob and I entertained each other using walkie talkies between our cars. I captured my rear view picture of Rob driving the budget truck for the entire 9 hour drive home. When we arrived close to midnight we could quickly tell that the spacious 4 car tandom garage of Chuck’s place is no match for our 2 car garage…