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December, 2014:

Sleep Training

Today I got a message from Daddy to check the camera.  This is when we both were able to witness the first time Nicholas pulled himself up to the sitting position from laying down.  He was very pleased with his accomplishment.

This evening t I picked Nene up from the airport and let her know she has arrived just in time for sleep training Nicholas tonight.  We have been talking about finding the “right” time to do this for a couple of months now.  Nicholas was healthy, his teeth and just come through and he had pooped today, the perfect trifecta.  There are many different ways to sleep train and you have to pick the one that is best for your family.  For us that was the “cry it out” method.

Nicholas was waking up to be fed on average, 2 times a night, typically at 10pm and 3am.  If Daddy went in to comfort him Nicholas would move instantly from crying to screaming.  The same would happen if Mama went in and didn’t pick him up.

A few months back we had worked with Nicholas on falling asleep on his own, but needed to tackle the middle of the night wakings now.

Here is how the sleep training took shape:

Night 1 – Up 10 minutes at 7:30pm, 1.5 hours at 10pm, and 45 minutes at 4am

Night 2 – Up at 3am for 15 minutes

Night 3 – Up at 5am for 15 minutes

Night 4 – Up at 3:30am for 15 minutes

Night 5 – Up at 9:30pm for 10 minutes

Night 6 – Up at 5:15am, picked up at 6:15am to start the day

In the evenings that have followed, Nicholas continues to sleep through the night and has just a few minutes of crying in the middle of a night.  Our mornings are starting early, 5am early. Hopefully, with a bit more time, Nicholas will get into a groove of extending his sleep closer to 12 hours overnight.  We are very proud of Nicholas for moving so smoothly to sleeping through the night.


Cooper loves to sing all day long.  He sings while playing, in the car, in his bed before he goes to sleep and when he wakes up, he just LOVES to sing.  It is really sweet to hear how he transitions from one song to another and back again making a perfect blend of songs from toddler group, the radio, Christmas songs, and swimming class.  He pulls his song inspiration from everywhere.

Lights and Teeth

One of my favorite Pinterest inspired Christmas pictures with Cooper was this one where he is playing with a strand of lights.  I really wanted to have a similar picture with Nicholas.  Daddy did a great job capturing these images.

Nicholas looked like he was having so much fun the lights that even big brother, Cooper, joined in for a few pictures.


Tooth #5 came in on December 12th and #6 poked through on December 17th.  It was so nice of these teeth to poke through before the holidays so that Nicholas can enjoy his first Christmas even more.

Botanical Gardens

Jack, Madeleine and Cooper

This year’s Botanical Garden visit was with a bonus.  We got to go with two PEPS friends, their siblings, see some Toddler group friends and walk through the display with Grandpa and Grandma!

Turned Around

We flipped Cooper around in his car seat this weekend and he loves it. We went big with his second car ride facing forward being the 1+ hour drive to Camano Island, but he did just fine.  He talks SO much more in the car now, which we didn’t know was possible.  It is really fun to look back at a stoplight and see this smiling face looking back at us.

Extended Family Day at Grandpa and Grandma’s

Cooper helping Grandma with final dessert preparation

Today my cousin, Michelle, her three kids and my Aunt Janet all met up for a family brunch at Grandpa and Grandma’s on Camano Island.  The kids loved all of the games and toys that their Great Uncle Ron has collected over time.  Cooper loved being able to play with these toys with the big kids too!

Stephen, Paige and Great Uncle Ron playing the slots

Grandpa giving Cooper bowling tips

This is an extra special picture because June is sitting in a chair that Cooper’s Grandpa Ron and June’s Grandpa Ted used to play with as little boys.

Nicholas and June are exactly 5 months apart, they will have so much to talk about together when they get just a little bit older.

Nicholas is getting much more stable standing now and can hold on to just a finger to balance.

Who wouldn’t love to visit with this amazing view, delicious food, and fantastic company.

Bed Buddies

Cooper loves it when Nicholas joins him in his bed after nap time.

“I be gentle with Nicholas”

I was in the kitchen making lunch when I heard Cooper say “I be gentle with Nicholas.”  That caught my attention and when I entered the room these sweet boys made me smile.  Cooper had replaced the pillow behind Nicholas with himself to  protect Nicholas from falling backwards.

2 1/2

Height: 39.65 inches (99%)

Weight: 37lbs 9 ozs (98%)

At the doctor’s office

Development:  Cooper is getting more adventurous, but still falls closer to the cautious side of the spectrum.  He loves to jump, especially after just waking up in his crib.  His vocabulary is exploding with new words every day.  His memory for past events is very impressive and our daily topics of conversation continue to surprise me.  He is pretty good with his “please” and “thank yous” and a “Goodbye Daddy (or Mama) I luv you” melts our hearts.  He is potty trained during the day and wears a diaper for nap (typically wakes up dry) and at night time wears an overnight diaper with insert.  We will work on eliminating the diaper when he moves to a big boy bed.

Sliding on his belly down a slide for the first time

Physical:  His hair is turning a darker brown and he has a dark brown strip at 3 o’clock when looking at the back of his head.  He is wearing 3T shirts and pants, but the shirts are getting too short.  He has the most beautiful smile and the double dimples light up the room.

Sleeping:  Cooper still loves his sleep.  He typically is in bed by 7:30pm and wakes up at 7am.  He is in his crib for a nap from 1-4 where he usually sings for the first hour before taking a 2 hour snooze.  Some of his favorite songs are Yellow Submarine, Bad Blue Jay, Farmer in the Dell and the Goodbye song from his swimming class.  It is amazing how he can blend so smoothly from one song to the next during his singing sessions.

We spent Cooper’s half birthday with this amazing group of PEPS friends at our semi-annual full family gathering.  You can see our original PEPS kiddos on the couch with their Mamas and the growing younger sibling crew behind in their Daddy’s arms.

Daddy’s Birthday

We love to celebrate birthdays in our house and Daddy’s is no exception.  A highlight for Cooper is definitely making and eating the birthday cake.

This year Daddy “jokingly” requested two birthday cakes so we had to get started early.  We sent him to work with a rum cake to share and made a carrot cake for our evening celebration.

We went out to Mexican for dinner and were able to photograph, what we believe is, the most food we have ever seen Cooper eat.  This kid loves to eat, especially “bee-ree-toes.”

Yes, he was that happy after polishing off the entire plate.  He was quick to inform us that he still had room for carrot cake when we got home.