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October, 2014:

Daddy Adventure

This morning marks Daddy’s first adventure out with both boys by himself.  They headed to the grocery store, with a pretty long shopping list, not an easy task.  The boys loved Daddy time and Cooper talked about their adventure all day long. What did Mama do for her first hour alone in the house since Nicholas was born?  I took a shower and cleared out the garden.  Apparently Mama needs more practice at doing fun things during her alone time.

Standing up with Daddy to match his stand-up hair.

Family Photos

We had family photos with Chelsey Hawes Photography in Tacoma at Wright Park.  We were excited to capture our family of four surrounded by the beautiful fall colors.  What we didn’t plan for is a toddler who was very excited to take pictures during the 1 hour drive to get there, changing his mind as soon as we arrived.  It was crazy windy, cold and tough to get smiles at times, but we are happy with the end result.  Here are some of our favorites:


You can find the full set of pictures here.

The photo session ended just before the downpour started.  We celebrated at a local brewery (Engine House No. 9) where Cooper enjoyed drinking water from a sampler glass.

We really love having a potty in the back of the car for Cooper, it has saved us from many public restroom visits.  It has also given us many memorable photo opportunities.


This evening Nicholas decided he would help Daddy work.  Please note that he is strategically placed so that he can’t reach the keys.  We don’t call him “Mr. Grabby” for nothing.

For a comparison, before selling it,  I wanted to try my first handmade costume for Cooper on Nicholas.  They are definitely brothers!  Originally I thought Cooper would roll by Halloween which is why we picked a Tootsie Roll.  After trying it on Nicholas when he does roll I realize it worked out much better on a “non-roller.”

Nicholas @ 7 months

Cooper @ 4.5 months



Super Mom

Sawyer, Madilyn, Jackson, Nicholas and Cooper

I am a very lucky lady who is surrounded by some incredible super moms and dads.  Today we went to my old coworker Chelsea’s house to meet her twins and have a playdate.  Madilyn and Cooper hit it off right away over their pumpkin shaped pb&j sandwiches with juice.  Cooper loves going to play with older friends because he gets new treats and learns to play in new ways.  Madilyn took him upstairs to play doctor which he loved and apparently he was a pretty good patient considering he had never played doctor before.  Chelsea amazes me with how she balances having twins and a 3 year old, while still smiling, staying calm and cutting cute shapes in the kids’ sandwiches.  Again, I am a very lucky lady to have such incredible friends in my life.

Spoon Ready?

It looks like  Nicholas is not quite ready to use a spoon on his own yet.  He really loves prunes so he tried very hard to get as many as he could in his mouth.

28 Months

Cooper’s verbal and social skills continue to blossom.  He was very excited to prepare these quiches for his friends that were coming over.  He continues to ask people “how you doing?” and saying hello to random people we cross throughout our day.  A few of the funny word choices Cooper used for a long time have now consistently been replaced with the real word.

icky = excavator

de da = thank you

Pooper= Cooper

Cooper can now jump where both feet come off the ground at the same time.  He LOVES to jump around the house and show off this new skill.

Potty update:  Cooper now poops on the potty, no longer requesting a diaper.   We still use a diaper for naps and overnight.  We have a small potty in both bathrooms and in the back of the car along with training toilet seats in both bathrooms.  At home with both boys using the little potty requires less work by me.  Daddy is doing a great job of working with Cooper on using the big potty with the trainer seat.  We are still helping him pull his pants and undies up and down.  We are working with him to do more of this on his own.  His adorable bubble bum does make it a bit tougher to get his pants up.  On occasion he will go potty by himself.  If we are downstairs and I am busy with Nicholas he has brought the potty into the room we are in so we can all be there together,  despite my efforts to have him keep it in the bathroom.

His favorite book is “The Bert and Ernie Book,” favorite song to sing is “Yellow Submarine” and favorite song to listen to is “Happy.”

Nana Time

Nana loved getting extra Nicholas time during this visit now that he is warming up to visitors more quickly.

During the opening NFL game show Pharrell sang “Happy” and Cooper was hooked.  We replayed his performance a few times that day and he has not forgotten about it.  Nana scored major points by showing Cooper the music video for the song.  She played it many times each day she was here.  Cooper picked up more of the words and dance moves every time he watched it.  Fortunately/unfortunately for Cooper “Happy” only plays on Nana’s ipad 😉

Nicholas got in on some “Happy” dance action with Daddy

Nana brought a special gift with her this visit.  Some old books that she used to read to Daddy and his siblings.  Cooper is now hooked on this Ernie and Bert book, just like his Daddy was.

Pumpkin Patch


This weekend we tried out The Farm at Swan’s Trail for the pumpkin patch experience.  It was a beautiful sunny afternoon.  Great for pumpkin picking, not so much for pictures looking into the sun.

Pumpkin Hunter Cooper

Pumpkin Hunter Nicholas

Cooper loved exploring the pumpkin patch and other activities with his buddy Madeleine.

Special to this pumpkin patch was watching a duck race, sliding on a potato sack with Daddy and racing ducks using a water well.

While we waited for Daddy to get the car the boys enjoyed climbing and exploring the extra large pumpkins they had on display.

Tag Team Feeding

Nicholas is a super champ when it comes to flexibility with eating.  He is very patient when his brother insists on “helping” and taking turns with me to feed him.  Cooper signs “more” and “all done” to Nicholas.  I am very excited when the day comes that Nicholas signs back to him.

Second Tooth

Nicholas was not a single tooth baby for very long.  Just two days later his second tooth poked through his gums.