Jackson Hole for the 4th

Our annual trip to Jackson Hole to visit Nana and PopPop is so much fun.  This is our 6th annual flight to Jackson in our plane.

We really enjoyed attending the small town parade last year and thought we would travel there again for the 4th of July this year.  Everyone got on their festive colors and we headed out for the morning parade.

PopPop loves to cook and Cooper loves to help him.  Here they are making homemade pasta together

A visit to String Lake for a fun splash in the cold mountain water.  Also the site of Nicholas’ leech bite.  A first for all of us… I thought it was a big slug and yanked it off of his leg when I was changing him out of his swimsuit.  The amount of blood that happened next told me I was very wrong.  We think he got it from crawling up the embankment to get out of the water when playing.  Apparently nobody else in the family has ever picked one up here in 14 years of visits.  What research later told me is that I should have removed the leech slowly to ensure that all of it was removed from his leg.  Not pictured here is the bad infection that happened 2 weeks later, apparently due to part of the leech mouth still being left in his leg 🙁

Yummy local ice cream.   A favorite for Nana and everyone is happy to support her, especially when the scoops are as large as the kids’ heads!

We were very lucky and had a few sightings of a Mama moose and her baby at Nana and PopPop’s house

Traditions…  Nana loves to take the kids to the candy store, just like she did with Robbie and his siblings

We take an annual family picture in the same corner of the deck each year too.

Getting ready to head home after another fun trip to visit Jackson!  The Tetons are so breath taking and the fact that we (Robbie) can fly our family here in an airplane that we built in our garage is still so unbelievable!

Just for record sake…this was probably two of our hardest flights.  I was sick for nearly the entire last 2 hours of flying on the way to Jackson due to hot turbulence and Nicholas was upset nearly 3 hours of the flight home, only quiet when eating raisins (5 boxes consumed just trying for a moment of silence) and a very brief rest.  We will do it again because much like child birth, the reward is too great and my memory is too short to not be willing to try again 🙂


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