2 Years Old

Our little guy is 2 today!  We are loving seeing more and more of this silly, clever and loving little guys personality each day.

Stats: Weight 30lbs (74%), Height 34.5in (54%), Head Circumference 20in (97%)

Getting his last night of rest as a 1 year old.

Says Mama when he wakes up.  After a couple of minutes (at the most) he will sign “eat” telling us he wants to go downstairs for breakfast right away.  We use tv in the morning to stall breakfast  a few minutes if we are still getting ready.  The parent alarm goes off at 5:30 and the kids are waking up anywhere from 5:30 to 6:20 when Cooper’s clock is set to turn green.  On occasion Nicholas will sleep until nearly 7am, but that is pretty rare.  Nicholas is now taking one 2-3 hour nap after lunch.  He still moves a ton when he sleeps, but he will stay in bed quiet for the 3 hours most afternoons.


Meals:  All breakfast items go in his yogurt dish.  Usually fruit, but when there are things like eggs or waffles they go in with the yogurt too.  At dinner he races to the pantry as soon as he hears the vitamin jar being opened.  He loves his 1/2 Flinstone chewable vitamin he gets with dinner each night.

Development:  Words are coming.  Has the O sound and still working on the elusive E sound.  Says All Done, Apple, Eggs.  Loves to put up gates with his arms to stop anyone, anywhere, anytime.  Loves to be outside and playing with water.  He is a fantastic problem solver and enjoys making messes especially emptying his bookshelf or dumping all the fruit out of the shopping cart.  Cleaning up is equally as much fun and you will find him with a broom in hand many times every day.

Eating tater tots with a spoon…Nicholas loves to eat and doesn’t mind the extra time it takes to use utensils.

Physical:  All molars are in, wears size 5 diapers and 2T clothes, with size 7 shoes.  He shows a strong preference for his right hand and foot.

Loves: Vitamins, yogurt, shrimp, prunes, cheesy smile, bike racks and rocks

He will stop mid stride just to pick up a rock he sees.  Nicholas is really good about throwing them back in the rock collection he took it from and appears to have a decent arm for throwing.

All bike racks catch his eye.  He loves to stand on the U shaped racks and climb under and over them repeatedly.

Firsts: Bowling, Sitting in the haircut chair by himself,

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