Nicholas Turns the Big 1!

Can you believe it?  Our littlest man is 1!  It has been one crazy year and we are thankful for all of the memories we have shared together as a family of four.


Length: 29.75 in. (49%)

Weight: 20lbs 7 ozs (17%)

Head Circumference: 18.8 in. (86%)

During his first year Nicholas grew 8″ in height, gained 11 lbs in weight, his head grew 3″ in diameter, and he sprouted 7 teeth, pretty incredible to think about.

  • Development: Nicholas is getting even faster at crawling.  He loves to chase his brother when he runs around the house.  He can pull up on his knees and then inch closer to what he pulled up on using his knees.  He is pointing to things and can sign “all done.”  Nicholas is enjoying some independent play.  He finds it extra funny to hold onto his toes or try to rollover when you change his diaper.  Nicholas loves to chew on everything.  It has been over a month since his 7th tooth came in so we are looking for more pearly whites to poke through at anytime now.
  • Loves: Chasing/watching Cooper, playing with shoes/shoelaces, opening and closing doors, taking his vitamin, crawling everywhere, nursing
  • Dislikes: Being fed from a spoon, pooping, not having Mama in sight

  • Physical:  Nicholas’ hair seems to be getting redder in the sunlight and is growing in very evenly.  He is in size 3 diapers, 12 month clothes and has 7 teeth.  His eyes are still a bit blue, but do seem to change slightly depending on the color of clothes he is wearing.
  • Bedtime routine: We start at 6:30pm by nursing (with a bath every three days or so).  In his room we change him into a nighttime diaper (size 3), give him a vitamin (which he loves), read Nicholas bunny book, put him into a sleep sack, give him head kisses good night and sing a song.  He rarely lets out a cry before falling asleep.
  • Eating/Naps: We start the day with nursing, an hour or so later we have breakfast with brother (typically berries, oatmeal, or yogurt).  Two hours after waking up he will nurse and then attempt a morning nap.  If it happens it is usually about 30 minutes long.  Often there is another nursing around 10:30, then lunch at noon (he loves cold cuts and grapes), then another nursing and a nap for an hour or so.  Funny enough whenever someone else watches the boys Nicholas will take a 2.5 hour nap, but for us he sleeps only an hour like clock work.  We eat dinner around 5:30 or 6, giving him smaller pieces of what we are eating.  He doesn’t drink but an ounce or two a day from a sippy cup even though it is offered at all meals and between.  He enjoys tossing the sippy cup, and plenty of food, off the highchair and Cooper loves to jump down and get it for him, the perfect game.

  • Nicholas loves to run his hands through his hair when he eats.  It is very normal for him to have at least one food item from the meal on the right side of his head.

  • Sleeping: Nicholas is a solid overnight sleeper.  His morning nap is around 20 minutes and afternoon nap is closer to an hour.  He goes to sleep around 7:00 and wakes up at 6:30.
  • Nicknames: Itty Bitty (Mama), Mr. Snuggles (Daddy) and Nickel (Cooper)
  • 12 month firsts: Finger painting, birthday party

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