Cooper surprised me today by asking if he could stand up to go potty.  We discussed and agreed to wait until Daddy got home.  As soon as Daddy was through the door Cooper let him know they had to go to the bathroom right away so he could stand up for the first time.  Cooper was very excited and so proud of himself when he did it.  Two weeks later and he is still asking if he can stand up when he goes potty (the answer is always yes).  I am working really hard to make sure he puts the seat down when he is done. I will declare a victory in this house of three boys if I can get the habit to stick.

Here is a bathroom phrase that appears to have passed, but we both think is really funny so we wanted to capture it on the blog.  When asked if he is done pooping Cooper would say “more poops coming” to let us know he wasn’t done.  Finally, more habits to capture, Cooper, just like his Daddy, does not like his socks pulled up so they are now always folded down.

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