First Fly-In

Landing at Tacoma Narrows Airport

It has been on our list and we are starting our year off right by marking something off on day 1.  The Flights Above the Pacific Northwest local flying group hosts a number of fly-ins throughout the year.  This year the New Years event was to The Hub at the Tacoma Narrows Airport.  The timing didn’t seem right with naps, etc., but we wanted to do a family flight today and decided to try it.  We were off to our first fly-in event.

N has the best facial expressions

The staff at the restaurant were amazing.  Over 50 people had flown there in 30+ airplanes and with a few other large parties already there the place was packed.  This is when they rolled in a patio table just for our family of 4 so we could have a place to sit and eat some lunch.  The food is really good and the service was over the top.  We were a bit nervous being an added table that wasn’t on any servers assignment or in the computer, but everything went even better than we could have imagined.

View of the outside with the Tacoma Narrows bridge and Mount Rainier on our way home.

View of the inside from our flight home.

This was taken just seconds before Nicholas fell asleep on the flight home.

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