9 months


Length: 28.75 inches (62%)

Weight: 19 lbs 13 oz (34%)

Head Circumference: 18.75 inches (96%)

At the doctor’s office

Development: Nicholas loves to stand up.  He prefers sitting versus being on his stomach.  He loves making different facial expressions and has added “Popeye” to his list of party tricks and does lots of exaggerated sniffing.  Nicholas loves to smack his hands down on things to hear the different noises he can make.

Physical: His eyes are still blue in color.  His hair is standing up on top and in back, but not in front.  It varies in color from brown to blond to red depending on the lighting.  He loves the jumper and prefers to poop in the bouncer.  Nicholas now has 4 teeth with his top two poking through during our Hawaii vacation.

Eating: Nicholas can go 3 to even 5 hours sometimes between nursing.  When nursing Nicholas loves to grab my lower lip and teeth, his free hand is in constant motion.  He has been backed up so we have had a month of just prunes and pears with little to no positive impact on his bowels.  We have switched out the puffs for Cheerios and Nicholas will instantly start bouncing in his chair at the sight of the box.


Sleeping:  Bedtime starts at 6:30pm. He nurses, gets changed, vitamin, read the Nicholas bunny book, turn on the heater/humidifier/monitor, place him in the crib, zip up his sleep sack, and sing our goodnight song.  Nicholas is now waking up to nurse 2-3 times a night.  We rarely use a binky. He naps ~20 minutes in the morning after crying for 15 minutes and naps for an hour in the afternoon.

Firsts: Highchair, top two teeth (4 total), time in a swimming pool, warm ocean water and riding in a shopping cart

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