23 Months


Cheese Face

Cooper has so many party tricks now!

Talking:  He has moved from single words to 2-4 word phrases.  It is much harder to understand the phrases, but he is very patient and I know that they will become more clear each day.

Favorite expressions:

Up High, this is in reference to airplanes or anything that he puts above his head.

Kick a Ball, we go outside every evening to kick the soccer ball in the front yard and yes his favorite part is when it is kicked “up high.”

Each morning he asks for Daddy and then responds when asked where he is at with “work” and how did he get there with “bus”.

He is big into sad and happy.  This comes up a lot with Nicholas and he is always quick to say “baby happy” whenever he is not crying.  He continues to have great empathy if another child near us starts to cry and finds comfort in talking about what the other child might be going through.

Big Words: Broccoli, Uncle Charlie

Eating:  Cooper still loves to eat.  He is not very picky and will eat most any food on his plate equally and usually starts with his favorites. Favorites are nearly any fruit, cheese and crackers.  He requests oatmeal for breakfast and loves to have black beans and cottage cheese as part of his lunch.

Sleeping: Cooper is pretty consistent with taking a 3 hour nap in the afternoon.  If he falls asleep for even 5 minutes in the car he will not nap at all.  There is some pretty loud and horrendous singing done by me to keep him awake when we are heading home for lunch after a play date.  Our bedtime routine starts at 6:30pm with a bath by Daddy, jammies on, then a sippy cup of milk while playing basketball with Daddy upstairs, followed by teeth brushing, diaper change and aquaphor, 3 books, a sleep sack and good night song.  This usually wraps up by 7:15 and he may be in bed an hour before falling asleep.  He continues to sleep through the night even though he shares a wall with Nicholas who wakes up at 3am each morning.  Typically he will start making noise in the morning around 6am and hangout chatting in bed and unzipping his sleep sack and jammies until 7 or 7:30 when I finish feeding Nicholas.

Books:  He loves for his Daddy to read him “The Little Engine that Could” and his Mama to read him “Frosty the Snowman.”

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