20 Weeks and Back to Work

First drop off at daycare

Wow, 20 weeks went by so quickly!  Rob has reminded me that what makes returning to work the hardest is also what makes me very fortunate, 20 weeks off to be with Cooper.  Today was my first day back to work and it was a tough one.  The tears started last night when we were packing the bottles and didn’t stop until I was home with Cooper again tonight.  The first drop off was really hard, but I was really glad we could do it as a family together.   Cooper was his smiley self and very receptive to the teacher when we handed him to her.

On this first day back to work I was very thankful for how wonderful my friends and family are through the supportive emails, phone calls and a care package (thanks sis!).  I also came back into an office sweet words on my whiteboard and cheerful decorations.  I work with some pretty awesome people.

Cooper will be at the Northup Kindercare for two weeks while we wait for his spot at the Overlake Kindercare to open up.  I visited the Northup Kindercare yesterday and really like the teacher and her passion for giving infants creative experiences at such as a young age.

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