Burr Family Fun


Kya, Cooper and Ashlynn

We enjoyed a fun evening of hanging out and dinner with the Burr ladies at Red Robin.  Ashlynn and Kya were so good playing with Cooper, and he really liked checking them out when they were holding him.  We learned that the girls are not big fans of mascots such as the Red Robin bird, which I never liked either.  I wonder how Cooper will react to mascots in the coming years.

Earlier in the day Cooper and I visited work to take a co-worker to lunch before her last day.  Cooper was full of smiles and super talkative with everyone.  He did cry twice when two different groups of people approached him all at once in the stroller.  He was better when two of those people came up to him again a little later so I am guessing it was the sudden noise that startled him.

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