Auntie Kari Visit

Auntie Kari and Cooper

What a great way to wrap up the family visits with Auntie Kari in town.  I think she really enjoyed her time with Cooper and seeing what life is like with a single baby vs. her experience with triplets.  Cooper keeps us busy, but it is nothing compared to the early months with three babies.  She took over the role of expert photographer and got some great shots.  It is easy to forget to take pictures in the day to day routine so it was a great reminder to take the time to capture these memories.  She also does a fantastic job of bringing energy to our daily routine and showing me new and exciting ways to play with Cooper.

Kari, Cooper and Kelly at Pike Place Market

We adventured out to some craft stores and found letters to spell out Cooper’s name for the wall in his room.  I love craft time and it was really fun to get my crafty side started up again.

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