30 Weeks: Getting Ready

Wow, we can’t believe we are already 30 weeks along in this process.  It is the official 10 week count down.  What I am having the hardest time grasping is that BK could arrive really at any day now for the next 12 weeks; the arrival window is so wide!

Our 6 weeks of birth classes started this week.  What we took away from the first class was just how long the labor process is; close to 48 hours if you take the higher end of the spectrum for each stage….

BK has moved from more quick kicking movements to longer pushing movements as his space is getting limited.  We can definitely feel hard spots in my belly where his body parts are at.

I am still feeling great, but have started to wake more times throughout the night.  At this stage you are supposed to gain a pound a week, but with Robin Eggs candy also out at this time of year, which I love when I am pregnant or not, we shall see what the reality is 🙂  My ankles have also started swelling so we are finding out if there is anything I can do to slow that down.  I have found BK’s pushes more distracting during the day.  It is fascinating to be able to sit back and just watch my belly move around, it keeps me entertained on my bus rides to and from work when I am not napping 🙂

We have been hard at work getting ready for BK.  We purchased our last furniture piece, a used glider.   We have washed all of the clothes and put them away in the dresser and bins based on size.  I hear brands fit very differently so I will have to ask my mother expert friends for help to regroup his clothes since we simply went by the size on the tag.  Rob also did a fantastic job installing a closet organizer.  We have been able to get most things condensed from two bedrooms into just BKs room now.  

We continue to be overwhelemed and grateful for all of the used baby items our friends have given us, BK is one lucky little guy!

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