Mariners Fan Appreciation

Nana joined us for the Mariners Fan Fest.  The kids were able to sit in our 1/4 season ticket seats in the front row along the first base line.  They haven’t sat here for a game yet, but it seems like they are ready for it.

Action shot of Nana and Cooper running the bases

Nicholas means business when throwing a baseball

Getting to play catch with Daddy on the M’s field

We wrapped up our exciting day at the ball field with a visit to the Moose


Cooper & Mama Adventure to Colorado

Cooper and I took our first mother/son trip to visit my best friend Nicole and her family in Erie, Colorado. It was so much fun to travel with Cooper. I loved taking the time to see what he was experiencing 1:1 through the airport, on the plane and throughout this travel adventure.   We went to the rodeo, Denver Zoo, roasted marshmallows and even enjoyed a snow day all in one weekend!
Checking out Nicole’s new house and their super cool fire pit. Having s’mores too was a bonus.
The rodeo is a fantastic event. I have been once before with Nicole and her boys. In addition to the horse show and watching the cowboys/girls in their different events, they fill the area with all sorts of vehicles and western themed sales booths.

This is a tradition photo from my first visit. The whole crew, only last time Nicole and I had beers in our hands and her boys had cotton candy 🙂
Probably my most favorite part of the trip was coming to bed to see this snuggly guy each night. I loved sharing a bed with him and waking up to his snuggles in the morning. Cooper sleeps just like me, very still and soundly so we are excellent bed sharing buddies.
Almost on demand, after a couple of days of fun in Erie, the clouds gave us snow for the last day. Cooper experienced shoveling with Brian and Nicole and we went sledding at a near by library hill. Cooper still sleds with a huge smile and his eyes tightly shut, but loves every minute of it.
While we were in Colorado, Rob and Nicholas had lots of bonding time including a couple of flights to fun destinations in the area.

Our First Family Painting

Cooper is very proud of his family portrait. Cooper is in blue in the center Daddy is in red on the left Mama is in red above Cooper Nicholas is in blue on the right There is “a yellow border so it can be framed” It is hard to see, but in pencil in the bottom right he has signed the painting “Coop.” The first couple of months were a very hard adjustment for Cooper at the full time Montessori school. He did fantastic in the classroom, but was just exhausted when he left resulting in some very big emotions for a couple of hours each day after school. Learning about the Montessori philosophy and classroom style has been very informative for us. We have both boys much more involved in the food prep and “jobs” around the house. We are taking more time to slow down and really notice what is going on around us, especially through the eyes of the boys. Cooper is much more into drawing and loves taking his “cookbook” doodle board in the stroller on walks with us to make drawings or tally the number of mailboxes he sees with Nicholas. Using the reusable bento boxes has really helped expand the variation in lunch food for Cooper. This was one of my weakest lunch days and I had to capture the goal of filling the different shaped sections with today’s very poor attempt by just cutting up a sandwich to fit the shapes. Cooper seems to be loving the art time at school, beads in particular. The painting is a rare occurrence, but we have 20+ pipe cleaner bracelets threaded with beads and a couple of beaded necklaces. I do love the variety of colors, they go with every outfit!