Brothers to end the Year

I love watching the family build Legos together. Just another year or two and I think Nicholas will be even more into it. Right now he is a great cheerleader and very excited to play with whatever the final product is. This was the year of the “doggie house”. Building support walls out of pillows and roofs out of blankets these two couldn’t wait to build a doggie house every single day. Having 3 couches in the living room allowed for lots of cushions to use in the development phase. They were both very excited not to have to give up doggie houses even after we moved. This is my “I never” picture. Once those words leave my mouth I know I will find myself in a scenario that requires me to go back on my word. This one was buying a new couch on New Year’s Eve. I may have eye rolled seeing kids using screens as entertainment in stores or restaurants, but we came in ready to break all rules this day. We wanted to walk away with a couch ordered so the boys both sat down with their favorite shows at Ethan Allan while Rob and I sorted out fabrics and other details for a new sectional and coffee table.

Christmas Prep and Fun

When we are in town we kick off our Christmas festivities the weekend after Thanksgiving. “Picking” a tree is one of our first stops. This year’s selection was made in the back of a semi truck in the Costco parking lot. As you can see from the smiles, the kids are thrilled with this tradition (or don’t know any better ;)). Cooper getting a boost from Daddy to get the star on top. Next stop is the poinsettia tree display at Molbaks where we also go to make the annual visit to see Santa. It took a lot of negotiations, but after a Cooper photo and full family photo we were able to get Nicholas to stand with Santa. They both asked Santa for a leaf blower. Santa shared that was the first time he has been asked for one of those 🙂 I love seeing this Santa, his look reminds me of my late Uncle Ted and the boys have seen the same Santa each year. It is also fun to see him during other times of the year tending to his other jobs at Molbaks, I always smile and say thanks for making Christmas so magical. Getting the family together between holiday chaos is tough to schedule, but is amazing and we really look forward to it each year. Cheers to extended family! Costco gingerbread houses. I will never go back to trying to build and decorate one again! We love this tradition and are always amazed at the amount of candy consumed in the making process and that disappears each day when little fingers pass by their decorated houses. Celebrating Daddy’s birthday with a boy-made rum cake. Making annual ornaments for gifts to the family. The work holiday party, this was our first one with Google and we had a blast. They had an amazing drink called the snowball that I still need to figure out how to replicate. Getting together with our toddler group crew. It started with 8 kids and keeps getting bigger as they gain siblings. A day in Seattle with Nene to see the Gingerbread houses at the Sheraton, ride the monorail, play on a new playground at Seattle Center. Celebrating Christmas morning with Nene, Grandpa and Grandma. Santa did deliver the custom made leaf blowers that met the criteria of really blowing air, but not at a level that can cause destruction…thanks for assisting Santa, Daddy! Christmas morning family jammy picture Loving the boys excitement to get gifts for Daddy. Here is Cooper’s self written gift tab for “Daddy” from “Coop” Someone wanted to discover (on their own) what these nutcracker things were all about. Nene always brings the best science experiments and crafts when she visits!