Thanksgiving in Houston

A family photo of our crew. Taylor, Catherine, Robbie, Kelly, Charlie, Bob, Nicholas, Jane and Cooper Nearly a full Moffitt crew and the Kochman family. John and Jan (Bob’s sister) hosted with their kids and grand-kids attending on top of our family, it was a very full house. So wonderful to have so much family together for Thanksgiving. Auntie Catherine and Nana and Pop-pop took the kids to the Houston Children’s museum. It is incredible and the grocery section, sponsored by HEB, is the best I have ever seen. Nana worn the perfect color for our visit to the butterfly museum, they call came flying to her. The Houston space center was an incredible experience! Inside the shuttle pictured above you could practice attaching the shuttle to the airplane. The kids loved doing this. To see the Saturn V rocket in person gave you an incredible appreciation for the scale of it all. We even toured the original mission control. The kids were incredible patient to take a tram tour and sit through a presentation.

Maui with Grandma and Grandpa

What a fun treat. Vacationing with Grandma and Grandpa for the first time and the destination is Maui. It was really great to get to spend extended time with our Washington grandparents. So much pool time and the boys loved jumping to Grandpa Eating dinner outside and watching the tiki torches being lit was a highlight. We all love the fresh air. There was some crazy windy mini golf at the hotel too. It was really fun having the whole course to ourselves and having the boys play at their own pace and order. When we weren’t in the pool we were digging in the sand. It was an amazing trip and getting to sneak out for some nap time and evening dates was an incredible treat for Rob and me.