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August, 2016:

Potty Training

Wow, all it takes is an article. I read somewhere that if you potty train before 2.5 years old it is supposed to be much easier. The idea of having the potty accidents in the old house out weighed the additional work it meant on top of a ton of “to dos” with the move just two weeks away. We didn’t go into expecting much and were pretty sure we would be right back to diapers after a couple of days, but Nicholas impressed us! After day 1 (not counting the wall and freezer incident) he showed us he was ready and able to make the potty training transition. We used the same strategy as we did with Cooper where the kiddo is pants-less the first three days, then just pants no undies, and finally back to regular clothes. Nicholas did fantastic with very few accidents after the first day. We kept a little potty in the living room, bathroom and upstairs the first few days. The most crazy part of the experience was after 2 weeks Nicholas completely potty trained himself including poop and overnight (this was months and a year for Cooper). For poop he just hoisted himself up on the big potty and straddles the seat, no insert or nothing. I still packed the diaper pail for our move thinking that we would definitely be using it in the new house for overnight diapers, but it never got used. After a couple of weeks the new reality of being a diaper free home set in and we sold our diaper pail. Nicholas seemed to embrace the freedom of no undies so that took about a month to get back on, but I will take that any day! The only sign left was a small potty in the back of my car for a couple of more weeks, but Nicholas was ready for the big potty even in public, I was the hesitate one 🙂

Bike Riding on Two Wheels!

Cooper did it! He is now riding on two wheels! The small hill outside our house is exactly the slope he needs to even get started on his own. We had purchased a bike for him, but it was too big so we had to add training wheels after he moved to it from the balance bike. Having to add in the training wheel step was a small setback, but with lots of encouragement Cooper was willing to try a two wheel bike. We saw this in-between sized bike in the neighbors garage and asked if we could try it out. They let us and it worked, Cooper took to bike riding like a champ. They even let us keep the bike since we were moving in just a couple of weeks so he has it to keep practicing on. Like I said we have incredible neighbors!