Brothers in April

. I have found them many times reading one of their favorite “Things that Go,” by Richard Scarry books together. It is time to move Nicholas to the balance bike and get Cooper a 2 wheeler with peddles. He had selected this My Little Pony bike as his next ride. We were not opposed to the theme, but he is just a tad too big for it already 😉 Morning snuggles in Cooper’s bed are the best. The moment these two get out of the car they love chasing each other along the curb line in front of our house. The giggles that happen are amazing.

Snohomish Train

Today the boys and I went on their first train ride. The event started with a scavenger hunt around the train station to learn more about trains and then ended with the ride. We rode the train a short 15 minutes out to Snoqualmie falls and back. It was beautiful and the boys can’t stop talking about it. Nicholas was not a fan of the loud whistle, but he was so in love with the idea of going on a train he was able to still get on. Toddler group friends ended up being at the event too making it even more fun!

Crib Jump and Milk Cup

Today Daddy returned from a week in England. From the time he sent a text that he landed, but before he even got to the car I heard big crys in Nicholas’ room. As I raced up stairs I was greeted by a very upset Nicholas who had just fallen out of his crib. This was also the day we moved Cooper to a real glass and moved Nicholas to an open cup for milk and water instead of just water. Big changes in our house. I am just ready for a crib free Nicholas.